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About us...

TOur scrap vehicle collection service is fast free and effective way to dispose of your scrap vehicle legally. We provide a easy and friendly way to dispose of your end of life vehicle.

We buy all sorts of vehicles from accident damaged cars to insurance write-offs mot failures or a car or van that’s just too expensive to repair and all scrap or end of life vehicles

We offer free scrap car collection nationwide & where a vehicle has a scrap value we also purchase scrap or salvage cars and commercial vehicles 

Our service is 24 hours a day 365 days of the year and we pride our self on customer service we provide vehicle collection at a time that suits, you may have work commitments or the vehicle maybe in a different location than you are we can collect your vehicle at a time or a date that suits you 

All of our vehicles are equipped to deal with the most difficult vehicle removals we have specialist equipment to deal with any situation and all our drivers are trained to deal with difficult car removal techniques .


Why do customers choose us?

Well that’s simple firstly We only use authorised treatment facilities ATF’s where the vehicle is depolluted correctly saving harm to the environment once the vehicle has been depolluted it is then crushed & the metal recycled

We also inform the DVLA that the vehicle has been collected and is scrapped people use our service because a big part of our customer commitment is that any vehicle collected by us are scrapped & will not be sold on for a profit or worse be put back on the road to become a death trap

With the rise of illegal dumping of waste like tyres and batteries it is no surprise why people are turning to legitimate companies to dispose of there scrap vehicle correctly and have the peace of mind that there vehicle is depolluted correctly and in accordance with the Eu Directive.

With us there are no nasty surprises like parking fines speeding tickets or worse every vehicle is scrapped!