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How It Works...

The scrap my car process shown below has been developed for many years. We take care of every aspect of car disposal – from arranging to pick-up your car and paying you on collection, to recycling your car at our Environment Agency licensed premises and notifying DVLA.


Scrap Car Process Explained

  1. Contact us and let us know the details of your scrap car and arrange a time for us to tow it away.
  2. We collect the logbook from you and tow away the car at the allotted time. If you prefer you can mail the logbook to us before we come to collect your car. (Even if you don’t have the logbook for the vehicle we will still be able to tow away the scrap car but you will need to let us know before we take the vehicle and you will need to write to the DVLA, informing them of your intention to scrap the car.)
  3. Your vehicle will then be transferred to our storage depot ready for depollution. The depollution process involves removing all liquids (oil / fuel / brake fluid etc…) from the vehicle, removing the tyres, battery and any other major non-metallic or hazardous parts preparing the vehicle for the scrap metal recycling process.
  4. Your vehicle is then crushed at an approved recycling plant and the DVLA are notified.
  5. You will then receive a letter in 4-6 weeks confirming your vehicle is de-registered.

We’re very careful to ensure that all our disposals are properly scrapped in line with Government Regulations.

These days, most of us are helping the environment by recycling household waste but recycling and properly disposing of vehicles is a job for experts and requires specialist equipment. If you have a vehicle to dispose of, call us or complete the request form to ensure you’ve done your bit.